Every first sunday. 5-11pm

It's Sunday afternoon in Berlin and you think, every gear head is still comatose? Think again!

It's 5pm after a long night. You have danced enough for this weekend and  going to bed is out of the question?


You work early on monday morning and think the bars in Schöneberg start too late?

We are happy that "LeatherSocialBerlin" is a success. Be part of it and enjoy a chilling and interesting time. 


A monthly informal gathering bringing together like-minded leather men every first Sunday of the month 5-11pm. Changing locations. 


Meet new buddies and see old ones in daylight (darkrooms in walking distance).

A perfect fun environment to socialse whilst having a beer in gear.

LeatherSocial is a fetish meet-up FREE ENTRY. We look forward to seeing you.

Become a member of Planetromeo Club LeatherSocialBerlin, contact BLUF 2881 or IchBinEinBerliner (recon)